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SculptCAD Rapid Artists at TEDxSMU online and in the blogs

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The event is coming soon — Tuesday September 14th to be exact — and SculptCAD Rapid Artists Project at TEDxSMU is garnering some virtual ink:

First up is a notice from the official SCRA blog and another from SCRA participant Brad Ford Smith’s blog. Head to the Facebook page for TEDxSMU for updates about the series in general and for more information on the upcoming SCRA presentations and exhibit. David Kirkpatrick has also been regularly covering all things SculptCAD Rapid Artist

Here’s a quick hit notice in the Dallas Morning News’ Guide Live on things to do in Dallas.

And D Magazine‘s FrontRow review of Dallas arts gave the event attention earlier this week.

A sample from FrontRow’s coverage:

One of last year’s most celebrated events had to have been Southern Methodist University’s first collaboration with TED, a conference non-profit founded in 1984 to bring together people from three fields: technology, entertainment, and design. The fall symposium was only the beginning of a new brain trust that has been kicking around town: TEDxSMU. That organization has been forging contacts between local creative classers, holding events, and basically allowing their tech-inspired approach all things thinking to begin to infiltrate the local culturati. Case in point, on September 14, TEDxSMU will open an exhibit for their Rapid Artists program. Twelve Dallas artists from various mediums have learned to sculpt onCAD programs, computer software that allows for objects to be created digitally and then rendered into 3D objects.

I’ve only seen the press release images, and while the work seems visually compelling, I will admit some skepticism about this idea in general, which strikes me as a little gimmicky. Still, the process was likely interesting for the artists involved, and they’ll be speaking at the salon accompanying the exhibition opening.

And for more information on event details and tickets, be sure to head to the SculptCAD Rapid Artists website.


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